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Nintendo E3 2017 Predictions | E3 2017

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Gaming enthusiast rejoice, E3 is here, here are our predictions and expectations.

Over the last few years Nintendo has been pretty predictable at these E3 events. No longer do they hold theatrical presentations that crowds would stand up and cheer for. Now they hold slimmed down Nintendo Directs showcasing upcoming games normally scheduled to release by the year’s end. This year I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a little bit more but, i'm not going to get my hopes up too high.

What Nintendo Said / Put out so far…
  • Super Mario Odyssey will be playable at the E3 Trade Show…
  • Tournaments for Arms and Splatoon 2
  • E3 Video Showcasing Upcoming Switch and Nintendo 3DS games coming out this year.

What We Expect…
  • Basically what Nintendo Stated above
  • Announcement of Virtual Console for the Nintendo Switch
  • Announcement of Video Streaming Services (Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, etc.)
  • More Info on Nintendo Switch’s Online Service / Subscription
  • More Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC Coming Soon. (Possible Expansion)

Wishful Thinking…
  • New Blockbuster title for Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch
  • Super Mario Odyssey Demo to be available for download to everyone.
  • Pokemon Switch Game to be announced… (If this is in the works it won't be announced until later this year.
  • Kingdom Hearts III to be a Nintendo Switch Title
  • Price drop on Nintendo Switch Accessories
  • Price drop on the Nintendo Wii U
  • “A” list 3rd Party Support

Honestly speaking I do not have high expectation for Nintendo’s showing at E3 2017. I know that they will be hyping Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch and honestly they should be, due to it being the first 1st party title developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. I don’t see them pulling any other huge titles out of nowhere. I do feel they do have something in the works for the Nintendo 3DS. It would be a waste of time and money for them to come out with the *NEW* Nintendo 2DS XL but have no “A” title to come out for the 3DS this year. I’m sensing pocket monsters in our future… Could it be the rumored Pokemon Star? Time will Tell.