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Real Talk - Google Glass | Why it Failed...

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Ever look back at dead product and wonder why it failed? Google Glass still has me scratching my head thinking why did it fail..?

Google Glass
Manufacturer: Google
Price: Explorer Edition (***Retailed***) at $1500
OS: Android | Android Wear
Where to Buy: You can still find some on eBay for $800+

Product Description
“Google Glass is an optical head-mounted display designed in the shape of a pair of eyeglasses. It was developed by X (previously Google X) with the mission of producing a ubiquitous computer. Google Glass displayed information in a smartphone-like hands-free format. Wearers communicated with the Internet via natural language voice commands. Google started selling a prototype of Google Glass to qualified "Glass Explorers" in the US on April 15, 2013, for a limited period for $1,500, before it became available to the public on May 15, 2014. It also had a camera attached to it.” - via Wikipedia

The Good:
  • It gave us a good look into the future, as well as our first taste of functional wearable tech.  
  • The concept of receiving notification as well as usable content without pulling out your phone.
  • Overall good design

The Bad:
  • $1500 was an outrageous price for a beta product.
  • Invite system was one of the worst we seen (next to OnePlus’s)
  • Price never drop when the released the explorer edition
  • Privacy Controversy that sprung up due to the onboard camera on the device.

The Ugly:
  • The Terms of Service is like a big “F” you from Google. | “ You may not resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person. If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google's authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty.” - Google Glass Terms of Service | Provided Via Wikipedia
  • The RAW materials to build a google glass will only cost around $152

What Went Wrong
Google Glass made its appearance during a phase where tech manufacturers were all looking for the next big thing. Smartphone were starting to plateau, when it came to new innovation. Thus, steps in Google with its idea of receiving notification without having to look at your phone. Google Glass took this idea even further but enabling voice commands for Google Search, as well as adding a camera to share what you see with your friends and family. Apps also included google maps, one of the greatest ideas I’ve seen for Google Glass. So with all this good what went wrong? To put simply, Google’s marketing team killed the product. The price and availability of the explorer edition were terrible. They also let a few privacy concerns turn the public against the device before it was able to become a consumer product. In a day where everybody shares every waking moment on social media, why would someone wearing glassing with a camera attached be invading your privacy? All in all Google let this product die because they felt they rather be developing software for other forms of wearable tech like smartwatches (which in my opinion is what ultimately killed Google Glass).

So I Google Glass Really a Dead Product?
In a word “Yes”. Glass for Work is still a thing (well, sorta), but overall Google has silently moved on to other products. Sadly over the last 3 years or so Google, has been losing its flare when it comes to product innovation. The next product to die out for Google will be Project Tengo, especially if we don’t see anything new or something resembling a consumer product come Google i/O. Google still has their newly re-branded iPhone Pixel line of products but honestly they lack the enthusiastic crowd that so closely followed the Nexus line.  

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