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HORI Tough Pouch (Black) Nintendo Switch | Review

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You just purchased a brand new Nintendo Switch, and wondering what to get next. If you plan on using your switch on the go you may want to pick up one of these.

Tough Pouch (Black)
Manufacturer: Hori
Genre: Accessories / Case
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Price: $17.99
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Product Description
Officially Licensed by Nintendo. Protect your Nintendo Switch with this lightweight yet sturdy Tough Pouch by HORI. Soft inner lining protects Nintendo Switch from scratches and wear, and includes pockets to store your favorite Nintendo Switch game cards for gaming on the go! “ - via HORI on Amazon

What’s Hot:
  • Made of Quality Material
  • Has slots for a few Nintendo Switch
  • Inexpensive

What’s Not:
  • Limited Game Slots
  • No place for Joy-Con Grip
  • I feel like there should be a handle or strap somewhere on it…

What is it?
This is a carrying case for Nintendo’s newest console the Nintendo Switch. It is officially licensed by Nintendo but made by HORI, a company that has been making video game accessories for years.

Design: 4
Looking at this Nintendo Switch Pouch there really isn’t much to complain about. It fits the console snugly with the Joy-Cons attached. It has room for a few games as well as a USB Type-C cable.

Durability: 5
As of now the HORI Nintendo Switch pouch serves its purpose. I put my console in the pouch and then throw it in my camera or my laptop bag. As of now my console is still in mint condition and i have this pouch to thank for it.

Value: 4.5
This is a great price point for the quality of an officially licensed product. If Nintendo, made this themselves it would probably retail at $19.99+.

Around the web: 4.3
This product is currently holding a 4.3 on Amazon

Final Thoughts
I really enjoyed this product from HORI and looking forward to picking you more product from them in the near future. If you need a carrying case / pouch for the Nintendo Switch i highly recommend checking this one out.

18.3 / 20