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Silicon Power 2.5" 120GB SSD | Quick Review

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Looking to upgrade your aging PC or Laptop for cheap but, are not sure what will make a difference? You can’t go wrong with this inexpensive SSD.

Silicon Power 120GB 2.5” SSD
Manufacturer: Silicon Power
Category: SSD / Hard Drives
Price: $47.99
Where to buy?

Product Description
Time to get rid of your old hard drive and switch to a SSD. Powered by SATA III 6Gbps interface, the S55 is able to boot up your computer and launch applications within seconds. With its affordable price, everyone can get old computers upgraded without spending a fortune.” - Silicon Power via Amazon

What is it?
In lament terms this is a 2.5” 120GB SSD for Laptops and PCs. Making the upgrade to SSDs is easily the best way to boost your PC’s performance. Silicon Power does this at an affordable price.

  • Price
  • Many Configurations to choose from
  • Easy installation
  • Speed boost over a 5400 RPM is plain as day

  • Configurations for newcomers will be confusing
  • 120 GB isn’t enough for locale storage.
  • Wobbles a bit in my laptop being it didn’t ship with a mount

If you are looking for a cheap solution to boost your PC’s performance you can’t go wrong with Silicon Power’s SSD. You will get a noticeable bang for your buck, but I do recommend going using 120GB and below specifically for OS, and Program installations.

As of right now it has worked flawless for me so I say BUY IT.