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Initial Impressions | The Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo finally released its much anticipated hybrid console the Nintendo Switch. We haven’t had enough time with the console to give a full blown review but, we will share our initial impressions.

Just like any new piece of technology, unboxing the Nintendo Switch is like unpacking what you always wanted for Christmas as a kid. Nintendo makes it even more joyous putting in a divider and having all the parts sectionalized. I did notice that there is no tape seal on it which is strange for any tech these days. I have also noticed there is no cleaning cloth which would have been useful being that the screen is a touch screen. The neon Nintendo Switch isn’t as bright as people made it seem, which is a good thing because I was beginning to second guess my preorder.

The Console
The Nintendo Switch reminds me of a standard table like the Google Nexus 7 with controller strapped on either side. Actually it has only a slightly bigger footprint than my Google Nexus 6 phone. There are a few hardware issues I take issues with right off the bat and that; No GPS antenna, No Camera (this crushes any hopes for a Pokemon Go Switch Edition), The kickstand is as bad as that video on Youtube claims it to be. Another thing I noticed is that taking Joycons on and off the Nintendo switch console isn’t as easy as they claim. The is a learning curve to it.

The UI / Software
I like the simple and clean UI that the Nintendo Switch has. It reminds me of the material design of the Android UI where it holds a flat look. The Software is lackluster to say the least.  As of right now there are no apps besides the pre-installed ones (News, eShop, Album, Controllers, and System Settings). There is also a Mii Creator hidden in under the profile settings. News is recent updates from Nintendo including Nintendo Switch update information, Upcoming games, as well as other useful info. eShop is where you will eventually purchase apps and new game releases. I’m hoping that they add the virtual console as well, and soon. My guess is this will be the big news they announce at E3 this year. Right now the eShop is bare with nothing but the lackluster launch line up of games (This does not include Zelda of course That Game is Amazing. You can download Zelda as well.). Album allows you to share all your screenshots (and soon video captures) on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Controllers shows you how many controllers are currently synced to your console and their battery life. I show the Nintendo Switch’s battery life as well.

As of right now I feel it is way too early to pass judgment on the Nintendo Switch due to it feeling unfinished. If it wasn’t for the Nintendo Wii U’s port The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (yes the game was originally developed for the Nintendo Wii U just like The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess was originally developed for the Nintendo Gamecube.) there is no reason to purchase the switch right now. Game like ARMS and, 1-2 Switch aren’t gonna push units. Personally I Believe they should be bundled in games. 1-2 Switch is a tech demo just like Wii sports, and honestly I would rather have Wii Sports. ARMS, is a little more than a tech demo but it’s still not worth $49.99 in my opinion. There are a few others out there but they are mainly ports from other consoles. The ball is in Nintendo’s court right now and I’m eagerly awaiting to see what they will do.

Stay tuned for our full review coming soon...