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Is it still worth it? | Nexus Player Review

Wondering is the Google Nexus Player is Still worth the buy? This review should shed some light on the subject.
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Google Nexus Player
Manufacturer: Asus
Genre: Streaming Device / Media Player
MSRP: $99.99
Where to buy (Asus -  On sale for $49)

Product Description
“Google Nexus Player Streaming Media Console: Use this streaming media player to complement, or even replace, your traditional set-top cable box. With powerful processing and a wide variety of preloaded apps, you can watch your favorite shows, movies and videos on your HDTV. You can also use the Google Cast app to stream content to your TV from a phone, tablet or laptop.” - Via Best Buy

What is it:
To put it simply it's a Google Chromecast Plus. It's a streaming and casting device power by a stock android UI called Android TV.

  • 1.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Atom
  • Imagination PowerVR Series 6 Graphics 2D/3D Engine
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8GB of ROM
  • 802.11ac 2x2 (MIMO)
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 18W DC Power
  • HDMI out (1920x1080 @60Hz)
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • Android TV (Android 5.0 Upgradable to Android 6.0)

What’s Hot:
  • Easy Setup
  • Fluid UI experience
  • Overall Inexpensive
  • Compact and Sleek

What’s Not:
  • Only 8GB of ROM
  • No Power off or Force Sleep Button
  • No USB standard USB port
  • Doesn’t ship with game controller
  • Many bugs and issue until you update to newest version of android (Android 6+)
  • No web browser support
  • Lack of android TV compatible apps….
  • No HDMI cable included

Design: 4.0
Just looking at the Nexus Player you can’t really complain about its design. It is sleek and, almost understated to a fault. There is no annoying bright lights and only 1 button on the device used to Sync Devices. Ports are its main downfall imo. I feel they should have a USB 3 port instead of the micro USB port.

Features: 3.5
While this device is very capable software wise it is also very constricted when it comes to hardware limitations. For one you are only getting 1 Gig of RAM is in most cases is very suitable being that you won’t be multitasking with the Nexus Player anyways. It would have been nice to have at least 2GB thougth. I can’t fathom why Google thought having 8GB of storage was a good idea. Yes there are ways to expand it using a OTG cable and a USB drive but come on at least they could have avoided the microUSB port and added a stand USB 2.0 or even better USB 3.0. One of my biggest qualms it the lack of a way to turn the device off of go to sleep. Currently the only way to put this thing to sleep is to go back to the main menu and have it Daydream and it will eventually go to sleep. I think it just silly that there is no official way to turn it off. This can be fixed with a simple update but damn, this device had been out for over a year now…

Performance: 4.0
Since my Nexus player has updated to Marshmallow I can’t really complain too much about the performance because it just works. I have had some A2DP issues (lagging / jittery audio) though. Being that the Nexus player has Bluetooth 4.1 I’m guessing it can be fixed with a software updated.

Value: 4.0
The Nexus player is a great buy if you can find it under the MSRP of $99.99. You get all the pluses of owning a ChromeCast plus the benefit of having it being a stand alone streaming device. It is great for playing games as well but i do recommend getting a bluetooth controler. Any PC or Android Bluetooth controller should work you don’t to get the Nexus one.

Around the Web: 4.3

Final Thoughts
The Nexus Player is an overall great device. If you already have subscriptions to streaming services like HBO Now, Netflix, Google Play Music, etc., then this device is perfect for you. I do recommend updating to the latest version first, then downloading KODI.

19.8 / 25