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Magic Plasma Wireless BT Speaker - Review

Looking for a cool bluetooth speaker to impress your friends or, for the techy friend in you life? 1ByOne has the solution for you.
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Manufacturer: 1ByOne
Genre: Bluetooth Speaker | Audio
Price: $26.99

What is it?
This is a Bluetooth Speaker / Plasma Light developed by 1ByOne. It features Bluetooth 2.1 EDR w/ a high fidelity 5W speaker that provides surround sound, and deep bass. It supports a 3.5mm in as well as microSD card slot as an input option.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Decent audio quality
  • Light Weight
  • Well Designed
  • Decent Bluetooth Range
  • Plasma Lights are awesome
  • Sound Reaction Feature

  • Very hard to read what the buttons say
  • Cheap cables that were included
  • Static Interference when connected via 3.5mm AUX cables
  • No built-in battery
  • Humming noise at low volumes…
  • Sound Reaction only seems to work at high volume
  • No built-in Mic

Design: 4.5
This device is beautifully designed. You would think it cost way more than the actual price when you first get it in your hands. The metals used isn’t super high quality but the colored parts do feel nice to the touch. I do have 2 pet peeves about the design though; They should have changed the color of the buttons and labels with a different color, I’m not fan of black on black in this case. Also not sure why they went with the microSD card reader over the SD card… I feel I would lose a MicroSD a lot easier than the standard sized one.

Features: 4.0
It’s hard to complain about the included features with this device. When you step back and ask yourself what do I want out of a bluetooth speaker; This one will provide you with pretty much all you want. It has Bluetooth and it not a chore to connect to your music device. If you don’t want to connect via Bluetooth it’s no problem, all you have to do is use a 3.5mm AUX cable or a microSD card with music files on it. On top of that it’s also a plasma light, which is bad ass by itself.

Audio: 3.5
It has a fairly sized driver (5W) in it and it sound better the louder you play it. I’m not gonna lie though, you can clearly hear a humming sound at low volumes which is probably due to the static from the plasma bulb being less than 3 inches above the speaker. At higher volumes the humming is less prevalent.

Performance: 4.5
Besides the whole static issue this device pretty much works as advertised, which is a good thing.

Around The Web: 4.5
Score Provided Via Amazon

Final Thoughts
This is a great bluetooth speaker that is sure to turn heads. It may not be the best option for if you are strictly focused on audio quality, but it is enough to impress your non-audiophile friends. Right now i’m rocking out with 2 main bluetooth speakers, my Anker for when i travel and when I'm outdoors and my Magic Plasma by 1ByOne for my den.   



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