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1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar for Android Review

+OneLouder Apps (Creators of TweetCaster) has one of the best weather apps available for #android.

This is what one of the widgets look like 
1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar
Developer: OneLouder Apps
Genre: Weather / Widget
Price: Free (with ads)

Google Play Description:
1Weather is the most loved weather app on Google Play. At 4.6 stars, no weather app has a higher rating among users. And reviewers have heaped on the praise as well.
Why do they love it? In a word Design. The app has a simple, yet beautiful interface that makes getting the weather elegant and fun. This UI, combined with a powerful set of weather tools, makes this app #1.

What is it?
1Weather is a weather widget / app that plain and simply gives you the weather for your current area and (or) anywhere else that you may add to it. 

- Free
- Gives you the moon phases as well as the sunrise / sunset times.
- There is a share option so you don't have to worry about taking screen shots every time you want to show off how extreme the weather is in your area.

- had trouble refreshing the app at times.
- Widgets are a little bland
- You can't change the weather provider

Full View Main Weather Screen 
My Thoughts:
Im not a huge critic when it comes to weather apps. As long as they give you the weather efficiently I really don't have issues with them. Honestly speaking all weather apps seem pretty much the same to me, this is probably due to HTC spoiling me with their awesome weather back when I had my HTC Sensation.

UI: 4
Features: 4.5
Stability / Performance: 4
Usefulness: 4
Google Play: 4.6


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