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Favorite Purchases of 2013

 2013 was a good year for me in that I didn't spend bookoo dollars on random stuff that i don't even use anymore...
The title is pretty self-explanatory so lets’ get to it…

10 – Google Play All Access – $7.99 a month
In all honestly I hate paying for subscriptions, which is kind of weird being that I pay for Xbox Live, Netflix and Google Play Music All Access. At first I was a bit skeptical whether I should pay into it or not being that I mostly just listen to random music via iHeartRadio and Pandora which are free. Now that I’ve been using “All Access” since its launch I don’t even use Pandora anymore. I like that you can just listen to whatever song / album that pop in your head or you can listed to songs / albums that your friends recommended to you.

I so hate playing console type games on mobile devices for 1 main reason… Touch controls suck!!!! So either you have to root to use your PS3 or Wii Controllers via Bluetooth or you have to purchase a 3rd party controller. I ended up going with the buying the controller. Honestly speaking it’s not the best controller but it probably the best 3rd party android controller because it feels like but slightly bigger PS3 controller. It connects easily to android devices via Bluetooth and the battery life is good as well. It also Connects to PCs but that may take a little more effort. Also the game stop Red Samurai Controller works with almost all emulators that you throw at it.

It is always nice to have a decent audio system for your pc or laptop. This isn’t the best but what you get for something lest that $50 you can’t go wrong here. The sound is surprisingly good and the subwoofer will thump a decent size room.
So yeah, I like wallowing around in nostalgia and I’m a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts Series so of course I was going to purchase the HD Remix of one of my Favorite series… /End Story….

6 – PS3 – $149.99
So my original PS3 died in the spring of 2013. We had a good run but you know all good things must come to an end. I didn’t plan of spend +$200 on a console that would be dying out but the end of the year so I found a good deal on one in the fall via GameStop.

5 – The Last of Us – $59.99
One thing that we had a lot of in the last gaming generation was post-apocalyptic games, Most of the dealing with Zombie-like creatures; and The Last of US is no different but it is definitely the best of them out there. If you own a PS3 you should also own this game.
I really love this monitor. Its looks a lot bigger than it really is and, it fits nicely on most desktops. It looks so good that I do a lot of my gaming on it compared to using the 32 inch that is in my room. My only really gripe is that it doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio out…

3 – Grand Theft Auto V – $59.99
The game so big it takes an hour to install the installation disk….
This game is amazing, enough said…  Well not quite it has its share of issues as well but none of them really bog don’t this Rockstar masterpiece.  I just realized that I haven’t reviewed this game yet so I’ll have to do it for the New Year…

2 – LG Google Nexus 4 16GB – $349.00
This is the android phone the android enthuses have been waiting for. I was I was on the fence about it at first so I just waited for the right time give it a try. LG and I didn’t see eye to eye in the past. The G2X was a disaster when it came to them maintaining it. When I started using the Nexus 4 my perception of LG as manufacturer has change. Even better now the LG Nexus 5 is out and improves on most of the Nexus 4's features and it retains the same pricing. 

1 – Casio Privia PX-350 – 799.99
Before this year I have been piano less for like 2 years which was a super drag… Then I finally decided to cave in and buy a digital piano. One of the Best decisions I have made all year.  

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