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Weekly Wrap Up - Sunday September 29 - Saturday October 5

Besides the Nintendo Direct that happened on October 1st it been kind of a slow week. Most info that went around were merely rumors and what ifs... I am interested to see whether or not the Google will be launching a Smartwatch, and (/or), Google Nexus 5 with in the next couple of weeks.  

Diisney's Frozen seems to be an interesting flick to keep an eye out for come November 27, 2013.

Nintendo announced that they will be bringing back 2 characters from previous games in the series. Both of them weren't totally unexpected. 
Click Me!!! to find out who they were. 

Sonic Lost World has been delayed a week. It will now be available October 29th. 
See article Here!!!

The Nintendo Direct was probably the biggest news of the week. Though nothing was really new it nice to see so new trailers and features for games we are already looking forward too. 

New Sonic Anime Coming 2014

2K Sports developer of NBA 2K14 sits down with a interview with Michael Jordan that the media took to a whole new level... 

I finally got around to finishing up Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX and it really is a good compilation specially for only $39.99. 

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