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Paperboy - Feedly News Reader Review

Looking for a refreshing, light, functional, and free news reader? Dotted Circle’s app Paperboy may be what you’ve been looking for… but is it a Headliner? 

Paperboy – Feedly News Reader
Developer: Dotted Circle
Category: Reader / RSS

Image from a mobile phone (Nexus4)

Google Play Description
“Paperboy is designed keeping one thing in mind - "Make reading enjoyable". With over 25 million feeds to choose from , you'll always be able to find what u are looking. It also lets you add your own sources .
Paperboy also support Feedly pro features. Feedly pro search is automatically enabled if u are already a pro user.”

What is it?
Paperboy – Feedly News Reader is basically a RSS reader that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Image from Google Nexus 7

The Good:
-        Clean UI
-        Found all the feeds I have entered into it
-        Estimated read times
-        Pocket integration

The Bad:
-        Read articles don’t seem to sync up from device to device
-        Pictures don’t always load up
-        The Sharing button in the header still doesn’t work on tablets but there is another one located in the footer.
-        Force closing issues

My Thoughts:
I like Paperboy and it is my current news reader of choice. I have used many reader apps over the years and this one seem to be well balanced in that it is functional and a pleasure to look at. A lot of other apps only seem to do one thing really good for example Google Currents is probably the best looking news reader app out there but it lags, doesn’t refresh when you want it, and it assassinates you battery. Pulse is very functional but up until recently it was very boring to look at. Paperboy seems to be balanced in all areas.

I recommend this app to anyone who reads a lot of news feeds that won’t care if they are text heavy. I also recommend Paperboy to those who are tech blog stalkers; you know who you are….

UI: 4.5
Features: 4.5
Stability | Performance: 3.5
Replay: 4.5
Average: 4.1

21.1 / 25