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Moves for Android and iOS Review

Looking for a great pedometer app for your #iOS or #Android device? Look no further, the guys over at Protogeo has you covered with their #app #Moves.

Developer: ProtoGeo
Genre: Health and fitness
Platform: Android, iOS
Price Free
Screenshot from the Android version.

Google Play Description
“Moves automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise. Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag.”

What is it?
Basically Moves is a pedometer app for your phone / tablet. It uses GPS and the accelerometer to come up with your daily statistics.

What I like:
-        The app is Free
-        No ads (currently)
-        Doesn’t assassinate you battery  
-        Clean UI (specially on iOS)
-        Ability to share you summary is kind of cool

What I don’t like:
-        Being mainly an android user feel kind of jiped comparing UIs

My thought:
I was having a hard time finding out what exactly I don’t like about this app… I just flat out works, and does what it is supposed to do. I guess there are a few features that can improve it like integration with smart gear (Bands, watches, etc.), and profiles that will run cross platform, But overall it is a really good app and I will be keeping this one on both my tablet and my daily phone. Great work guys.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended
This app is probably aimed at the fitness head or someone who is monitoring their health but I totally recommend Moves to everyone. I my opinion this app should be standard in all smartphones.

UI: 4
Features: 4
Performance / Stability: 4.5
Price: 5
Google Play | iTunes App Store: 4.1

21.6 / 25