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Tips & Tricks - Depth of Field - Adobe Photoshop

Ever wonder how to create a cool selective focus shot using Adobe Photoshop? Here is a easy tutorial how to do it.

Step 1

Choose the photo you want to use and open it in Adobe Photoshop.

Step 2

Make a duplicate layer of the background by right clicking the background layer and choosing Duplicate layer.

Step 3

Make sure that the “Background Copy” layer is selected and then go up to “Filter”>”Blur”>”Gaussian Blur”. I genuinely use around 15-20% but you can choose which ever intensity you like most.

Step 4

Create a “Layer Mask” by going into “Layers”>”Layer Masks”>”Reveal All”. Make sure the white box is selected under inside the “Background Copy” layer.

Step 5

Use the brush (B) tool to paint in the subject that you want to be in focus. I put the opacity between 50 and 85 to get a more realistic blend but is also up to you.  *** If you press “\” you can see where you have colored in***

Step 6

Use the Eraser (E) tool to clean up the outline of the subject that you put into focus.

That pretty much it if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact me via Twitter @leesumd32