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LG Google Nexus 4 Revisited

Nexus 4 Revisited
Manufacturer: LG
Carrier: GSM Unlocked
OS: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
Price: ($299.00 & $349.00)

Okay so when will you ever see a Nexus 4 in this situation? Still a pretty awesome shot...
Google Play Description
“Google Now. Amazing Photo Sphere camera. Totally wireless.
Nexus 4 is the newest smartphone from Google. With cutting edge hardware, the latest version of Android, and the best Google apps -- Nexus 4 puts the world’s information at your fingertips.”

Some people find the Nexus 4 big in the hands... Not me but that is probably because i have big hands...
What is it?
The Nexus 4 is reigning Google flagship phone. It was released 10 months ago in November and it still has the specs to hang with the top phones being released today.

Main Specs:
·         4.7’ 1280x720 (320ppi) IPS display sporting Gorilla Glass 2
·         Qualcomm Snapdragon  S4 Pro
·         8MP (rear) & 1.3MP (Front) cameras supporting 1080p
·         Unlocked and supports up to LTE data speeds
·         Comes in 8 and 16GB models and 2GB of RAM
·         Supports Wireless Charging, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0
·         2100mAh Battery
·         Ships with android 4.2

-          I average at least a 9 ½ hours on moderate to heavy use
-          Super responsive
-          No lag after 6 months of use
-          Still the best bang for your buck on the market.
-          Unlocked (you can use it with whatever carrier GSM carrier you want)
-          Overall product design (Still one of the sexiest devices available)

-          I’m always afraid I am going to drop it and shatter the back or the front being that it totally made out of glass.
-          Camera is meh to me… (The featureless Stock camera app doesn’t help either.  I suggest downloading Camera Zoom FX)
-          The official accessories for the Nexus 4 are wildly overpriced (wireless charger is around 75$ after shipping and taxes, and the rubber bumper is about 27$....
-          No expandable memory (8 gigs won’t be enough for the enlightened Android user, and 16GB won’t be enough for the power user…. (What is so wrong with adding a micro SD card slot these days?)

My Thoughts:
After 6 months of owning the Nexus 4 I have to say I still love it. Yes some other phones like the SGS4 and the HTC One have caught my eye but their price is so unappealing for a similar spec device that they turned me off. I do have my issues with it like the overpriced accessories and the camera app but both can be fixed over time. I have to say that I do find the battery to be suspect at times because one day I will use the phone a lot and get like 15 hours and then another time I will only get like 8. Not sure whether it a rouge app eating my battery or I'm just a really random user.  Overall I have to say this is one of best phones I have used to date, and I will probably hold on to it until the next Nexus device is released. Great job LG and Google….

Price: 5

Build Quality | Design: 4.5

Battery Life: 4.5               

Performance | Stability: 4.5

Average (Amazon): 4.4


22.9 / 25