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Google I/O Keynote - What I Liked

 What i like so far...

So today was the start of Google I/O which is basically a conference where Google shows off their latest and greatest in innovations for use; developers, media, and techies alike can gawk and glamour over what is on the horizon for use in the near future... 

Google Cloud Messaging 
·         Persistent messaging connection
·         Up-stream messaging
·         Notifications Sync across Platform

Google Play Game Service
·         Cloud Save
·         Achievements
·         Leaderboards
·         Cross Platform With iOS
·         Multiplayer Services

Google Play Store (available now…)
·         It now comes in Tablet Friendly version
·         The New Music app (it has had a complete overhaul now look similar to the desktop web app.)
·         Now New Google play all access service to that is similar to Spotify better IMO

Hobbit game being demo'd at Google I/O Keynote with in the Nexus 10 Web Browser

Google Chrome is always improving and it seems they are Going to make some big leaps in the near future with both desktop and mobile versions in …
·         Speed and performance
·         New High quality containers (WebP and VP9) which will rival Jpeg and H.264 respectively but use way less space than them. (approx. 50% less)
·         Checkout Sync
·         Web games (a racer as well as Hobbit game displayed)
·         Data compression on chrome for mobile

Google Play for Education
·         … putting Google in the schools

Most impressed probably with Google+ Additions for all platforms
·         Newly designed stream for desktop reminds me of how Google Currents are laid out or maybe more closely how the Dynamic View “Mosaic” from blogger is set up.
·         The Revamped Hashtagging system – Indexed hashtags as well as auto hastagging is a game just flat out awesome.
·         Hangouts is also being revamped, with it’s… (what a way to make yesterday’s blackberry announcement irreverent)
-          new standalone app
-          Long Running conversations (optional)
-          Design
-          Notification sync
-          Group video at no charge (note this has always been free)
·         Photos – Google has also totally revamped this as well. ("Google being your new Darkroom")
-          15gb Free (announced yesterday but you can still have unlimited amount of standard photos)
-          Google can Choose you best pics for you
-          Auto Enhance
-          Google and make animated images (.gif)

Google Now and Search has been updated for all platforms
·         Newest feature being Reminders

Google Maps
·         Will receive overhaul this summer on all platforms

Overall i was pretty satisfied with the way Google I/O is turning out so far... 
Stay Tuned for more coverage and After though