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Life of Pi Review - (Novel)

Life of Pi Review (Book)
Author: Yann Martel
Genre: Adventure / Survival (Fiction)
Release Date: September 2001
Price: $19.99 (paperback / Hardcover)
                $8.63 Amazon Kindle Store

Life of Pi is a novel written but Yann Martel and was published in September of 2001. The story is broken up into three parts and follows a young Indian boy Piscine Molitor Patel (goes by the nickname “Pi” most of the story). Part one focuses on character introductions as well as the family's zoo and, Pi’s venture through multiple religions. Part two is the bulk of the story where Pi is shipwrecked and stranded on a life boat with a few of the zoo animals (mouse, orangutan, hyena, and a Bengal tiger “Richard Parker”). Part three main focus is on an interview two Japanese men had with “Pi” trying to find out why they ship sunk in the first place. Perhaps they bit off a little more than they can chew….

-          Good character development
-          Graphic use of imagery
-          Varying chapter lengths

-          Book starts off really slow
-          At times it was painful to read through (let me clarify… at times it just feels like the book is rambling on and you just kind of want to skip over those parts…)  
-          The book felt longer than it really was

My Thoughts:
To speak the truth I only picked this book up because one of my relatives said it was a really good book and I should read it. He said “You should brace yourself though because it starts off rather slow”. I have to agree, because the first 5 or 6 chapters were really slow moving, but the pace picks up soon after.  Like I said in the cons, at times it was painful to read through. On the plus side the descriptive use of imagery and, at times disturbing themes wrap you in to the story that make you want to continue on reading. Now I want to see the movie that has been given so much praise as of late. I’m curious how they pulled this together on the big screen.

Plot: 4.5
Characters: 4
Action: 3.5
IMO: 4
Amazon: 4


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