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How to turn a .PDF file into a eBook

How to Make an eBook from a PDF File

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately of how to make an eBook from a PDF file. My first though was why you would want to do that, seeing that most eReaders can already read PDF files but I guess that not really answering the question. The simple answer to the question is to use the application Calibre.

Here is a simple tutorial....

Step 1: Download Calibre
-          Go to
-          In the Navigation bar Click Download
-          Choose your operating system
-          Install Calibre

Step 2: Find the PDF that you want to turn into an eBook
-          Google is your friend

Step 3: Launch Calibre and import your file
-          Click on the Calibre Icon on your desktop to launch the app
-          Click and drag the PDF file from your desktop to the Calibre app
-          Right click on the file you just placed there
-          Choose “Edit Metadata Individually ” (Skip this step if you are converting a real book)
-          Enter the Meta data (if you are converting a real book just choose Download Metadata and it will do all of this for you.)
-          When the meta data is the way you like It click “OK”

Step 4: Converting the PDF to eBook *Note – that eBooks come in a verity of formats, for example the kindle format is .mobi, and standard eBooks come in ePub. Good thing that Calibre Converts to pretty much all major formats.*
-          Right click on the file you want to convert and choose “Convert books Individually”   
-          From here you get a verity of customization options but I’ll keep it short, look in the top right corner where it says output and choose the file format that you want.
-          Click ok at the bottom and it will begin to convert. The duration will depend on how big your file originally was and the processing power of your computer.
-          You can monitor the process but looking in the bottom right corner and clicking on jobs.
-          Once done you can right click on the book and choose “open containing folder” to locate the newly created eBook.
-          You’re done (now all you have to do is transfer it to your eReader and you are good to go!!!