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Twicca for Android Review

Twicca for Android Review 
Developer: Tetsuya Aoyama 
Version: 0.9
Android Version: 1.6 & Up
Price: Free 

Market Description
“Yet another Twitter Client for Android 
Twicca is twitter client for Android” 


What’s hot?
- Super Clean UI 
- Plug-ins
- Customization 
-The was It loads images, and tweet longer 
- Its Free without ads 

What’s not?
- Awkward sign in process 
- No tweet longer plug-in (at least I couldn’t find one. 
- Doesn’t seem to auto refresh which can be annoying  

In the market description it mentions tons of features but the one that stood out to me were; posting imaging/ and video natively with yfrog, shorten URL, managing your twitter profile, widget, recent hash tags, and the plug-ins. 

How well do they work?
From what I seen all of the features work pretty; the only ones I didn’t really mess around with are the experimental features (multiple accounts, and twipic video preview). 

My Thoughts:
This is one of my favorite Twitter apps, but some things seem to bug me. One being the sign in process, I mean I guess it is made that way for added security but is just annoying. It is one of the main reasons I didn’t even bother adding a second account. Another thing that I found rather annoying is that there are no auto refresh features (at least I didn’t see it in the settings). By now most social media apps should have an auto refresh feature or at least refresh upon opening the app. Another thing that I found a little annoying is that there is no Tweet longer plug-in (or at least I couldn’t find one in the market). Overall this app is a really good clean twitter app that I highly recommend if you don’t like the stock one or TweetCaster. 

UI: 3
 (Would have given it a 4 or a 5 if the menus weren't so congested…)
Stability: 5
Features: 3
Performance: 4 
Value: 5

Score 20/25