Microsoft Xbox ONE - Unboxing (DayONE Edition)

Major Nelson of Microsoft un-boxes the "Day ONE" edition of the Xbox ONE

Guess Microsoft didn't want anyone else to get the satisfaction of having the the first unboxing of the Xbox One. 

I guess on the brighter side of things they did show off what you get in the box.

- Kinect Sensor
- 4k certified HDMI
- Wired Headset
- Power Cord & Brick
Controller (limited edition depending if you get a day 1 ONE or not)
- Sticker...

Also another interesting tidbit, the Kinect Sensor is not attached to the system so the whole random rumors that the Xbox One is attached to the Kinect can be thrown out the window. So in theory the requirement for Kinect is software related and can be disabled, not saying that Microsoft will allow it though. Regardless this system does have my interest.

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