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Quick Look at XBMC for Android

Quick look at Xbox Media Center for Android
Developer: Team XBMC
Version: 12.0 Beta3 (Note that it is now currently in RC Stages)

What is it?
Xbox Media Center is a media center similar to that of Window’s Media Center, but with one main difference. It will play pretty much any file you throw at it. Soon this app will be fully functional and ready for your android devices.

What I like so far?
-          Plays a shit load of audio and video formats
-          Retains most of the features that you’d find on the desktop version

What I don’t like so far?
-          Playing 1080p is currently problematic (video and audio syncing issues)
-          Loading pictures off of a network is extremely slow.
-          Currently the stock UI is a port straight from the desktop version (buttons are extremely hard to press because they are so small on a 4inch screen. Might be better suited for a tablet)
-          Can’t remove Sub-titles from MKV’s that have them.

XBMC is one of the best media players out there on android. Even in its Beta/ Release Candidate stages. I look forward to reviewing this app once it releases in the Play Store.


  1. it takes guts for companies to develop stuff for their competitors. LOL Windows phone.


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