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Table Talk Review - Android

Tablet Talk
Developer: Tablet Talk
Platform: Android
Price: $2.99

Play Store Description:
Tablet Talk - Text Message on your Tablet using your Phone Number!
Tablet Talk is the premier SMS text messaging app for your Android Tablet!
There are some things that are just better done on your Android Tablet. Texting with Tablet Talk is one of them. By easily linking your Android phone and tablet through Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network, you can text message on your Android tablet using your phone number!
Looking to text message on your new Nexus 7? Tablet Talk is especially designed for both Nexus 7 SMS and Android tablets with larger screens!

What is it?
Tablet talk is basically an app that synchronizes your phone and sms with you android tablet. It does this with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

App Icons that you get with
Tablet Talk
What’s Hot?
-          Concept
-          Works with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
-          It hand specially if you use you Tablet more than you cell phone

What I don’t like
-          $2.99 is kind of steep specially when there are free alternatives
-          It sometimes disconnects by itself
-          You will get force closes every once in a while
-          When you dial off of your tablet you have to still use your phone to speak and hear what the other person is saying.


My Thoughts:
This is a great app for what it is. It has its bugs and still can be improved. I recommend this to any tablet owners that want a way to sync and send SMSs off of their tablet.

UI: 3
Features: 4
Performance / Stability: 4
Price: 3.5
Play Store: 4.4

18.9 / 25