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New at Razer | CES 2018 Update

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CES 2018 is Live right now in Vegas and Razer is always one of the coolest vendors to showcase tech coming in the near future.

Project Linda
Ever wanted to dock your new all powerful Razer Phone to crack down and get your productivity going? Well Project Linda may be exactly what you are looking for. 

What Razer says...
" Razer's Project Linda concept is an ultraportable laptop design powered by the Android-based Razer Phone. The docked phone serves as an intelligent touchpad, bridging the gap between handheld entertainment and laptop convenience. The Razer Phone’s performance, display, and dual front-firing speakers combine seamlessly with Project Linda’s larger screen, keyboard, and battery to provide the ultimate mobile hybrid setup for gaming, creativity, and productivity." - Razer

I feel like i have seen something like this before but, I can't seem to pinpoint which OEM attempted it. Regardless, it wasn't done to the capacity to what Razer is doing it with its Project Linda. Personally I feel this should be the new face of Chromebooks and Google should find a way to implement this concept into Android (Dock Mode).

Razer Nommo | Nommo Chroma | Nommo Pro
Razer is jumping into the audio space and its bringing Chroma with it...

What Razer Says...
" Powerful audio can completely immerse you in your experience, bringing games, movies and music to life. With optimized drivers built for full range sound and extreme clarity, the Razer Nommo takes you to a new dimension that blurs the line between fiction and reality." - Razer

If these speakers work as good as Razer is boasting them to then there is really no complaining being that the base model will run you $99. The Chroma version will be $149. There is also a 2:1 Pro version that will cost you $499.