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Matricom G-Pad BX Wireless Bluetooth Controller | Review

Looking for a good Bluetooth controller for Android, iOS, or PC? This one by Matricom may be a good option…
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G-Pad BX Wireless Bluetooth Controller
Manufacturer: Matricom
Platform: Windows, iOS, Android
Price: $17.90 (Amazon)

Product Description
“The G-Pad BX by Matricom is a high precision Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad Joystick with 3D feedback motors gives your games the ultimate experience available. The built-in lithium ion battery provides hours of non-stop gaming fun.” - via Amazon

What is it?
The G-Pad BX is a Wireless Bluetooth Controller produced by Matricom. It has the typical modern day design for game controllers which includes a D-Pad, 4 shoulder buttons, 2 analog sticks, 4 action buttons as well as L&R3 buttons. It is all wrapped together in an affordable price.

What’s Hot
  • Under $20
  • Rumble Support
  • Connects Easily to Android and iOS Devices
  • Controller feels good in the hands.
  • Good Battery Life

What’s Not
  • The D-Pad is atrocious
  • The L2 and R2 buttons feel weird
  • Area where the top and bottom of the controller meet feels uncomfortable.

Build Quality: 3.5
I almost feel like Matricom had build quality at the top of the list when designing this controller because it shows. The face of the controller has a soft matte finish which both feels and looks nice. The back of the controller is done in a harder plastic. It's not really shiny but not matte either (see video for a better look.). The Top and bottom of the controller is put together in a awkward way which look bad-ass but feels bad in the hands.

Performance: 4.5
I was able to connect to all the devices i tested it on without any issues what-so-ever (Nexus 6, Nexus 4, Nexus Player, iPhone 6 Plus). The controller never disconnected at all while i was using it. My main issue with it is the D-Pad. I love playing fighting games and unless i have a fight stick i always use a D-Pad. I can honestly say fighting games are pretty much unplayable for me with this controller.

Battery Life: 5.0
This controller has yet to die on me.. I got it on January 11th (writing this review on Feb 6th) and is still kicking on its second charge. I’m not saying that it can’t die, nor am i saying that you can’t kill it in a day because I’m sure you can, .I’m just saying i used it sparingly (using it like 2-3 hours a week for the last 3 weeks) and it still has a charge.

Value: 4.0
For the price you can’t go wrong (unless you are buying this for fighting games.) If you are buying this to play fighting games the score is more like a 2.5 to a 3.

Around the Web: 3.7
As of February 6, 2015 Amazon has it at a score of 3.7 out of 5.

Overall great controller especially if you don’t buy it to play fighting games.

20.7 / 25