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86LEDs RGB Equipment Par Stage Light - Review

Need a Stage Light or Club / DJ DMX light? Check out this one by 1Byone.
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86 LEDs RGB Equipment Stage Light
Genre: Lighting
Price: $30.99

Product Description
This product will be combined with energy efficient LED and compact appearance of PAR lamps to constitutes a new lamps. It's the most important product of the " green stage lighting "
Feature: Energy saving. R.G.B, Trichromatic color mixing adjustable 1,677,216 kinds of colors. Widely used in the stage, KTV , bars , nightclubs and other entertainment. - 1byone

What is it?
This is a multi-purpose stage light. It’s generally the size of a light from an action lighting kit, maybe slightly smaller. The main purpose is to be used at parties by DJs but, there are other ways this light can be used as well.
This light is filled with 86 energy efficient LEDS using the RGB color spectrum which will allow you to achieve a wide range of colors. (The easiest way of getting the colors that you want is via a DMX controller which is sold separately)

What’s Hot
  • Fair Price
  • Uses Energy Efficient LEDs
  • DMX controller isn’t required for use (Recommended though)
  • Light Weight
  • Has a sound reactive Mode W/O DMX Controller
  • Doesn’t Run as hot a other products that I have used
  • Lights are bright but not necessarily blinding.

What’s Not
  • Bolt holes don’t match my Tripod Bolts so i had to find larger screws.
  • Instructions are pretty useless
  • I Feel like the LED board isn’t properly centered
  • Didn’t come with additional fuse… (These type of lights tend to blow fuses pretty often. Mine hasn’t blown yet but it would have been nice to have an extra just in case.)
  • The Power cable is on the short side.  

Build Quality: 3.5
Overall this product is nicely built. I did notice some weird warping on the metal plate in the back. Also the LED board doesn’t seem centered properly because a row of leds are half cut off by the bezel.

Features: 4.5
While this light is as feature rich as others that I’ve used, the ones here all work fine (once you figure out how to use them.)

Ease of Use: 3
If you are new to these types of lights and you try to follow the included instruction, you may end up very frustrated. My suggestion would be to follow the “How to use” on the Amazon website and use trial and error. I also recommend using a DMX Controller.

Price: 4.5
At this price you won’t find too many DMX / Stage lights that actually work like you would want them too. This is a great buy in my opinion.

Around the Web: 4.8
Via- Amazon

20.3 / 25

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