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Nintendo and DeNA form alliance

+Nintendo and DeNA form an Alliance to bring #Nintendo IPs like Mario to other platforms.

"Leveraging the strength of Nintendo’s intellectual property (IP) and game development skills in combination with DeNA’s world-class expertise in mobile games, both companies will develop and operate new game apps based on Nintendo’s IP, including its iconic game characters, for smart devices. The alliance is intended to complement Nintendo’s dedicated video game systems business and extend Nintendo’s reach into the vast market of smart device users worldwide. Under the alliance, DeNA will also be able to strengthen its gaming business at a global scale by leveraging Nintendo’s IP. To ensure the quality of game experience that consumers expect from this alliance of Nintendo and DeNA, only new original games optimized for smart device functionality will be created, rather than porting games created specifically for the Wii U home console or the Nintendo 3DS portable system.

Nintendo and DeNA also plan to develop an online membership service that is accessible from smart devices, PC and Nintendo systems, such as the Nintendo 3DS portable system and the Wii U home console. The membership service, which is targeted to launch in the fall of 2015, will be built on DeNA’s extensive experience and capabilities in online membership services." +Nintendo 

What to Expect
  • New Games starring your favorite Nintendo Characters on Android & iOS and even possibly PC. These games probably won't be anything like the games you will find on a 3DS or Wii U. They will probably me more related to the type of games Sega produces on Android & iOS (Sonic Dash, Sonic Jump, etc.).
  • MiiVerse for Android & iOS, and possibly a stand alone application for the PC. 

What not to Expect
  • Ported games from the past and future. Nintendo clearly states that, that is not the direction they want to go in. 
  • Full blown games. In other words don't expect to see games that will give you the full console experience. (Examples, The next legend of Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Super Smash Bros., etc.)
  • Nintendo games Developed for the PS4 & Xbox One (Though if they are developed for the PC they will be eventually playable on the Xbox One via Windows 10) 

My Thoughts
I Like the move +Nintendo but honestly I'm not going to set the bar too high. Nintendo's IPs are what keep the company afloat especially with other publishers / developers abandoning the Wii U. If they just whore out their IPs to other platforms may be the doom of Nintendo as we know it. 


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