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MLG now branded as X-Game...? WTF

MLG (or Major League Gaming) is now considered a X Game (or Extreme Sport...?)

I am lost for words... First off I will say I enjoy video games. I've been playing them pretty much all of my life and still do. To even consider them a Sport is blasphemy to any real athlete out there. You cant even compare the the training, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into becoming an athlete with playing a video game. Don't get me wrong it does take a lot a training and skill to become competitively good in videos games but you cant compare that to what someone like Lebron James, Serena Williams, RGIII, Tony Hawk, Shaun White, Matthias Dandois, etc does... eSports shouldn't be a thing as in it isn't a sport. Video games are just games nothing more, nothing less. 

At first i was a bit surprised at ESPN (and the XGames) but after some thought i wasn't anymore... If you look at some other things that ESPN airs they aren't sports either IMO.. I don't consider Poker, Billiards, Fishing, Bowling, or eating a sport either.. But ESPN airs these as well... 

This video by +EventStatus basically sums up my sentiments on the matter.. 

I am all for competitions being held for Video Games but don't brand them as something they are not... I am not physician so don't brand me as a MD... Video Games aren't a sport so dont brand them as such... 

This is a Xtreme not sitting down with a controller in your hand... 
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