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Coming Soon... Super Smash Bros.

 So yeah Nintendo held a direct specifically for their upcoming brawler. Here is what went down.

What’s New…?
·        Warning! Challenger approaching! – Greninja  
·        Warning! Challenger Approaching! – Charizard
·        Warning! Challenger Approaching! – Shiek
·        Warning! Challenger Approaching! – Zero Suit Samus
·        Warning! Challenger Approaching! – Yoshi
·        Release Date: Nintendo 3DS Version will be released this Summer
·        Release Date: Wii U Version will be release Winter 2014
·        Nintendo 3DS version will run at 60fps even with 3D on!!!
·        Some Pokémon and Assist Trophies will run at 30
·        Tons of new stages for both versions of the game
·        Bosses will appear in stages which will affect battles
·        Online multiplayer has been revamped
·        For fun – Random Stages, All items, Smash Battle Only, Only wins are recorded…
·        For Glory – Only Final Destination Stages, No items, 1 on 1 battles possible, Wins and losses Recorded.
·        Almost all stages will have a final destination stage!
·        No more Anonymous players for your Nintendo network IDs will appear
·        Global Smash Power (New Ranking System)
·        And much more!!!

Differences between the two versions
-        Stages will be different
-        Stages that appear on both, designs will be different
-        2 Musical Pieces per 3ds Stage
-        The Wii U version will have tons of themes
-        Connecting the 3DS and Wii U Versions…

Current Roster
Greninja – Pokémon
Charizard – Pokémon
Yoshi – Mario
Sheik – The Legend of Zelda
Zero Suit Samus – Metroid
Diddy Kong – Donkey Kong
Lucario – Pokémon
King Dedede – Kirby
Little Mac – Punch Out
Zelda – Legend of Zelda
Marth – Fire Emblem
Rosalina & Luma – Mario
Sonic – Sonic the Hedgehog
Toon Link – Legend of Zelda
Peach – Mario
Luigi – Mario
Pikmin & Olimar – Pikmin
Mario – Mario
Donkey Kong – Donkey Kong
Villager – Animal Crossing
Link – Legend of Zelda
Samus – Metroid
Mega Man – Mega Man
Kirby – Kirby
Fox – Starfox
Wii Fit Trainer – Wii Fit
Pikachu – Pokémon
Bowser – Mario
Pit – Kid Icuras

My Thoughts
I am so stoked for this game, and to find out that the 3DS version will be available within the next 4 months has a grin on my face. My only issue right now is with the roster. While it’s really good I feel like it is missing some star power. I still would like to see Mewtwo brought back. If you ask me Nintendo needs to go big and, by big I mean grabbing a few more 3rd party characters. I pretty sure it wouldn’t be that hard from them to convince developers to put select characters in the game. Also I’m not of big fan of the removal of cut scenes from the game, they really gave brawl personality.  Regardless I will be picking this one up at launch.

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