Ultra Street Fighter IV

Somethings never change... Capcoom revamping Street Fighter games are one of them...

Meet The LG G3

Its that time of year again, LG has announced their new flagship device and I have to say "Simple Is The New Smart"...

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Release Date Announced

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Release Date Announced

Free Sheet Music

Check out my sheet music archive. It has everything for Disney, to Gaming, to Anime and much more...

Playstation e3 Expierence

Sony's e3 press confrence in a Theatre near you. I will be attending the one in New York Follow me on Twitter for Live updates @TheReviewPre

Forza Horizon 2 Announced

Carp0rn at it finest is back in a sequel for both Xbox One and Xbox 360...

Latest Articles

Free game if you own Mario Kart 8

If you already one one of the best games available on the +Nintendo #WiiU you can receive another great game #free. 

Nvidia Officially Announces the Shield Tablet

The tablet that you may want to keep your eye on... 

X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Review

It wouldn't be an action packed summer without a X-Men film. This year Wolverine has a lot of competition in the action genre. 

Special Edition Armed Forces Xbox One Wireless Controller and Stereo Headset

Like army based #FPS or just looking for a new Wireless Controller? This may be the one for you. 

New Assassin's Creed Unity Gameplay Trailer (Europe)

New Gameplay Trailer for Assassins Creed Unity 
#AssassinsCreed #Assassinsunite +Ubisoft #ACUnity

Deadman's Cross is available on Google Play and App Store

Deadman's Cross X Resident Evil... how can you go wrong with this free collaboration between #SquareEnix and #Capcom?

Square to partner with Deep Silver to host San Diego Comic-Con Arcade

That right attendees of this Year's San Diego #ComicCon can get a chance to play some of Square Enix's newest games.

Wallpaper of the week (7) - Android Divided III

This weeks #wallpaper of the week features #Google's mobile OS #Android. 

Robin, Lucina, and Captain Falcon are in Super Smash Bros.

#Nintendo announced a few new characters for their upcoming Super Smash Bros. game today.

Warning New Challenger Approaching - 7/14/2014

Who will it be? 

CLauncher for Android Review

Tired of your smartphone's UI looking like every other smartphone? CLauncher may be your solution

Transformers: Age of Extinction - Movie Review

The 4th and hopefully final installment of Michael Bay's explosive interpretation #Transformers hits the theatres with a new human cast.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - iOS

Hit game from the days of the PSP gets a upgrade and comes to iOS. 

Legend of Korra returns for Book 3 Tonight

Its nice to see that #Nickelodeon can still produce a great cartoon. The Legend of Korra returns tonight for book 3. 
#LegendofKorra #Avatar #Book3

The Lion King Turns 20

Arguably the most iconic movie +Disney has ever produced turned 20.
#TheLionKing #Disney #Film