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Are you looking to get into drones but don’t want to spend too much cash on your first one? This may be the one for you.
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Manufacturer: GoolRC
Price: Currently $39.99 (on Amazon)  
Where to Buy:

Product Description
FPV show you new scenery: By FPV real time transmission, you can see exactly what your camera sees from an all new perspective, it will be a new experience and you will enjoy the world above the horizon. - GoolRC via Amazon

What’s Hot:
  • Design 
  • Price Point 
  • Easy to Fly 
  • Different Fly Modes
  • Surprisingly durable 

What’s Not:
  • Flight Time is about 7-10mins when camera is not being used. 
  • Assembly was annoying (one of the feet weren’t properly cut on my unit) 
  • Charge time is pretty long for the battery size
  • App did not work on my phones (Tried on both a Google Pixel 2, and Nexus 6P) 
  • 0.3 MegaPixel Camera is beyond low quality… 
  • Instructions are not the easiest to follow
  • A little too lightweight… 

What is it:
This is a feature rich drone, that on paper sounds great. In actuality most of the features fall short of expectations. 

Build Quality: (4)
It is hard to deny this device is built nicely for the price. Its major downside is being light making it difficult to fly with any type of wind. Also, my unit in particular had a design flaw in one of the feet / landing gear. It wasn’t cut right properly so i had to file it down so i can properly install it. I am also not a fan of having to remove the batteries every time i had to charge it. It is not the easiest thing to take out.

Features: (3)
On paper this is an easy ⅘ the 1 point off would be that the camera doesn’t even make 1MP. During my testing period i couldn’t even get the app to connect to my phones, so that took half the fun out of the drone. Everything else is fine with the drone. 

Performance: (3)
If you don’t count the app, everything else works as advertised. The only problem with that is, half of its selling points requires the app. 

Value: (4.5)
If you are just starting out this is a good option to learn on, especially at a sub $50 price range.  

Final Thoughts:
For what it is I enjoyed this drone. I wish i could have used it to its full potential but the app compatibility is a mess right now (on android). I have reached out to the manufacturer and I’m still waiting on a response. I am gonna try it on a iOS device when i get my hands one but as it stands now, my opinions are based from an Android perspective. 

(14.5 out of 20)

*** Note this review score may change depending on whether or not i can get the app running on one of my android devices***