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Akeem 22000 Solar Battery Bank Review | Tech Review

Some of the best innovations in the last decade or so is power banks, and accessible solar power.
Akeem attempts to put both in one product with its Solar 22000mAh battery bank...
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Battery Pack AKEEM Portable Charger
Manufacturer: AKEEM
Genre: Powerbanks
Price: $36.99
Where to Buy:

Product Description:
This is a 22000mAh power bank made by Akeem® that also supports solar charging capabilities.
It has 3 USB as well as a thunderbolt output.

What’s Hot
  • Charging speeds on your devices are average for a 2.1amp charger.
  • Charging your battery bank in the sun is a boss idea. 
  • 3 USB inputs makes it so you don't have to choose what you want to charge. 
  • Build quality and design are awesome. 

What’s Not
  • Solar charging on this device isn't practical.
  • It doesn't feel like the battery captivity on this device is 22000.
  • Almost impossible to determine the battery level on this device.
  • Takes a long time to charge.

Design: 4.5
This device has a nice understated design with a soft touch hard plastic back.
The solar panel on the topside of the device blends in well. This power bank also has nice solid
heft to it.

Features: 3
Solar Charging, 4 outputs (3 USBs, and 1 Thunderbolt), as well as 22000mAh of power is a pretty
decent feature set. Problem is it is lacking it other areas like no indicators to tell you how
much battery you have left.

Performance: 3
Everything except solar charging works a well as you would expect it would. If you ever used a
2.1 amp charger, you know what to expect here. It might just be me but i feel like the
battery captivity is a little less than advertised but, is normal. Companies should give a
little more rather than a little less IMO.

Value: 3.5
The asking price isn't bad especially for what you are getting. There are cheaper options out
there without the solar panel though.

Usefulness: 5
In this world of dying Lithium-Ion Batteries you can never have too many power banks.
I personally have at least 2 on me. This one will be kept in my car.
This is ideal for car use because you can just stick it in your back or front windshield when you
aren't driving our using it to charge it via the solar panel.  

Your Final Thoughts
While this isn't the greatest Solar Panel, nor the greatest power bank, it is a good all around
product. I highly recommend this to someone who is always requiring more juice, especially
if they are on the move or outdoors a lot. This can be the perfect companion for them.

For Future Revisions...
Akeem if you do plan on revising this product. I would highly suggest using a standard battery
indicator system. I get where you were going with the multi-colored LED light but it just not as
good as seeing a percentage or seeing 4 led lights representing 25% of power...


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