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Book 3 of Avatar: Legend of Korra is now complete

If you missed the season finale you may be spoiled by some of the images in this article.
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If someone asked me what was the best thing that +Nickelodeon produced in the last 5 years my answer would be Avatar: Legend of Korra. To bad Nick didn't realize the potential it has and made it an online only show (but that's a long story for another day...) 

Nickelodeon has aired the season finale for Book 3 and it was awesome. Book 3 of the Legend of Korra is easily my favorite avatar book. It was jammed packed with a little of everything. It had a lot of action, character development, and decent villain(s) (that may have the potential to return during the final book). This book may even be the darkest book of any Avatar book to date. I cant wait to till the final book airs. Hope it doesn't take too long... 

*Note all these images are from the finale so they may spoil you*

Watch Book 3 Here

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