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Nintendo Direct 2/13/2014 - Warp Up

What did Nintendo Show off...?

Super Smash Bros. 
Wii U | Nintendo 3DS
Release Later this year (2014)

3DS Games 
Mario Golf: World Tour (May 2nd)
Kirby: Triple Deluxe (May 2nd)
Yoshi's New Island (March 14)
Steel Diver: Sub Wars (Available Now)
Rusty Real Deal Baseball (eShop exclusive)
Pokemon Battle Trozei (March 20th)
Professor Layton: Azran Legacy (Feb 28th)
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (2015)
Weapon Shop (Feb 20th)
Inazuma Eleven (eShop Exclusive Available Now)
Moon Chronicles 
Shovel Knight 
1001 Spikes

Wii U Games
Child of the Light (April 30th)
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 
New Remix 2
GBA Virtual Console (Coming April)
Bayonetta 2

My Thoughts
Where to start... Well... The I'll get the Nintendo 3DS out of the way, Their line up is still like always. The Wii U on the other hand is still seriously lacking... It really isn't looking good for it right now. The only games that struck my interest was Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Donkey Kong Country, and Bayonetta 2. Everything else is pathetically boring. Seriously, REAL TALK; Who the hell wants to play GBA Games on the Wii U? 3DS? Hell yeah but the Wii U should be so much more capable. If they said GBA games coming to 3DS, I would be doing a 2 step right now... If they said Nintendo Gamecube games coming to the Wii U Virtual Console for around $15 a game I wouldn't be complaining at all. But no, they want to put games from a system that couldn't even produce 3D polygons on a system that is supposed to be more powerful that the PS3, and and what us to be happy about it.... I'm really starting to believe that the Nintendo Execs, have no idea what they are doing. I know it is very early in the year and E3 still over 3 months away, but come on Nintendo we all know that time isn't on your side anymore.. /REAL TALK

Missed the Nintendo Direct 2/13/2014? Watch it here... 

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