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Touch Screen Gloves

Touch Screen (knit) Gloves
Manufacturer: Winter Tech (there are a million brands out there) 
Price: Varies (5.99 and up)

What is it?
They are gloves that allow you to keep your hands warm while still allowing you to use your capacitive touch screen devices.

Does it work?
It depends on what you mean by work…. The answer is yes and sort of. It does allow you to you to use your touch screen devices but I only sort of keep you warm…

-          Relatively cheap
-          You no longer have to choose between frostbite and listening to an annoying song.

-          The material knitted so it won’t last too long
-          Stay clear of water and snow. (they aren’t water resistant)

Final Thoughts:
They are decent gloves for the price and they come in a wide verity of colors. I recommend these to anybody with touch screen devices and short nails…

Another Thought:
If you want owns that last longer suggest getting a pair that isn’t knit like the Isotoner brand…

Demoing Smart Touch Gloves in the game Temple Run

Price: 4
Build Quality: 3