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Techno Earth - Laptop AC/DC Adapter Review

Laptop AC/DC Adapter
Manufacturer: Techno Earth
Price: $9.48 (Amazon)
Link to Purchase

What is it?
Laptop Charger / Power Supply

Who was it brought for?
I brought it for myself. I was tired of fighting with my previous charger so I had to get a new one ASAP.

How long did it take to ship?
I ordered it November 2nd 2012 and I received it on November 5th 2012 so basically 3 days, though my estimated time was in between the dates of November 8th 2012 – the 14th.

-          Relatively inexpensive
-          Fast shipping
-          The right charger (you don’t know how many times that I ordered laptop power supplies that were not the ones that I have ordered.)
-          Charges relatively quickly

-          The plug where you connect to the laptop is kind of flimsy
-          Led on the charger is not blue (this is definitely a nitpick, but it feels kind of off consider all the lights on my laptop is blue except for the mute and Wi-Fi button.)

Overall I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a power supply or charger for you laptop. I specifically have the one for HP DV6000 Series of Pavilion notebooks, but the company Techno Earth has a lot of them for different models.



  1. Love your post. As I have an HP laptop that I use regularly, I found myself in need of a new adapter (I've heard that HP laptops are rough on adapters). This product arrived very quickly, and I actually like it better than the original one. Thanks Techno Earth. cheers;)

  2. The shipping time is what probably made this a winner of a deal for me. The last transaction I had took a week before the charger was delivered! Imagine how I have to make do blogging via phone. It’s not really a biggie, but I simply prefer a larger screen.


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