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First Quick look at Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Pro
Developer: Microsoft
Release Date: October 26, 2012

So I finally caved into the hype and installed Windows 8 pro on my beloved laptop (note that I had this thing forever, and it still running pretty strong. I got it way back in 2007.). So far I like the new UI (if you  been living in a hole for the last year and don’t know what It looks like think of the metro UI that was used in Microsoft’s Zune and Windows phone, and more recently the Xbox360 dashboard.) though it takes a bit to get used to. Even if you don’t like it you still have access to the classic desktop look. Friends of mine always ask me if there is big performance boost like there was from Vista to Windows7 and so far my answer is sort of bout not as noticeable. When I first installed windows7 on my laptop it was like night and day, or like comparing a Miata to a Ferrari F430 Spyder, I mean come on they are both convertibles but there really no comparison… Now to compare Windows 7 and 8 is like comparing the F430 to a 458 Italia, it more of an upgrade…  Well enough of my babbling I will do a full review on Windows 8 after I send more time with it. Stay Tuned!!!