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Andoer AutoDolly Review | Technology

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If you need a video compact Slider or Video Dolly, Andoer has the solution for you with their L4 Auto Dolly.

Andoer Autodolly
Manufacturer: Andoer
Genre: Camera Gear
Price: $123.99
Where to buy

What’s In the box?
  • Andoer Video Dolly
  • Remote
  • Battery for the remote (mine was pre installed and dead...)
  • USB Charging cable for the Andoer Slider
  • Instruction Manual
  • Allen Key
  • Additional rubber wheel ring

What is it?
Well, let me explain what a video dolly or slider is… To put simply a Video dolly / Slider is a camera mount on a track that allows you to obtain sweeping or in some cases circular shots. With the Andoer L4 AutoDolly you can achieve both of these types of shots with one device.

What’s Hot
  • Compact
  • Easy setup
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Takes Smooth shots
  • Has ¼ inch thread so you can attach various devices and mounts to it.
  • Battery life
  • Easy to use

What not
  • Requires Ideal environments
  • Mine shipped with dead controller battery
  • No indicators to line up the adjustable arms

Build Quality : 4
While not the prettiest looking device I own it's definitely not ugly. It is also built like a tank, seriously it has a nice satisfying heft to it. Normally I feel funny about mounting my expensive camera gear to anything that doesn’t come from a well known manufacturer but Andoer Autodolly feels solid. It also capable of supporting up to 11lbs though i haven't myself yet.

Performance: 4
So far so good. In all honestly my expectations were low due to the size of device, but it has been working fine with my mid-sized DSLR. On smooth flat surfaces video stability is fine so long as you have the stabilizer turned on in your camera. If you are using a lens without stabilization you should also be fine as long as you are filming something that isn’t directly in front of the lens.

Battery Life: 5
I can honestly say this has excellent battery life. It sports a 1800mAh rechargeable battery that I only had to charge 1 so far. Andoer is claiming it can run up to 6 hours on a charge and I will have to agree with that.

Value: 3
It kinda hard for me to place the value rating on this product. If you looking for the best bang for your buck you might as well look else where because you can find basic sliders for much cheaper. But this is not your basic slider. You can take both circular product shots and 360 and panorama shots. At an added plus it is motorized and can be controlled remotely via controller. The real question is this worth $125 for what you are trying to shoot?

Around The Web: 4
This product is sporting 4.0 Stars on Amazon Right now.

Final Thoughts
This is a cool product that I can see myself using a lot being that I do product photography for work and, Photography / Cinematography in my spare time. The fact it is so compact is a definite plus. There isn’t many motorized sliders / dollies that you can just throw in your camera back.

20 / 25

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