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Google Now now available on iOS!!!

iOS users rejoice you now have a killer feature that was previously only available on Android devices running Jelly Bean and above.

Google has recently updated their Google Search app for iOS to version 3.0 which now includes Google Now with some stipulations. It doesn't act exactly act like the Google Now that we are accustom to on our android devices; The main difference is the only way you can currently use it, is by launching the app.


This may piss a lot of android users off, mainly because if your device is on android 4.0 and below you still cant use Google Now but your friends with a iPhone can. Personally I believe it is a step in the right direction for Google but I believe they should also deal with the app compatibility issues on Android as well.
(Note that more than half of android users are not able to use Google Now due to the fact that their device is on dated software.... )