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Casio Privia PX-350 Digital Piano Review

Privia PX-350 Digital Piano Review
Manufacturer: Casio
Price: Varies (S799.99 – 1k+)

What is it?
 A Digital Piano that features great grand piano feel and sound weights under 30lbs!!!

Box Description:
“A high-performance model featuring a new sound source for realistic piano sound that enhances the quality of stage performance and music production”.

Box Features:
·         Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR* sound source (Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator)
·         128-note Polyphony (Maximum)
·         250 pro-quality tones
·         Hammer Response
·         Damper Resonance
·         Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
·         Simulated ebony and ivory keys
·         Audio Recording
·         180 Rhythms including ethnic rhythms and patterns for piano play.
·         Rhythm Editor (10 user Rhythms)
·         Music Preset (300 presets and 50 user areas)
·         Registration (96 set-ups)
·         Multi-Track Recorder
·         Pitch bend wheel
·         USB flash drive port
·         Line IN / OUT jacks (L/ MONO, R for each)
·         Duet Mode
·         Metronome
·         Song Expansion
·         Digital effects: reverbs, choruses, brilliance, DSP (preset for some tones)
·         Operation lock function
·         Connector for optional 3-pedal unit, which supports half-damper pedal operation.
·         Auto Power Off
·         3 Year Limited Warranty

What I like:
-          The overall feel of the keys
-          Has many inputs and outputs
-          USB port on the front.
-          You can save songs on a flash drive to either MIDI or WAV
-          Audio sounds great all around (Through Built-In Speakers, PA or AMP, Headphones, Recording Through flash drive, etc.)

What I don’t like:
-          Dust / Fingerprint Magnet (at least on the black one)
-          No dust cover included (I’ve been using the foam shield that came with it)
-          Foot switch included is pretty much useless (just by a universal sustain pedal)
-          Really complicated to use ( keep the instruction manual )
-          No 1/8 in headphone jacks (3.5mm)
-          Recorded Audio volume seems like it should be a lot louder. (Easy fix in an audio editor)

  Video above is a raw (straight through camera)

My Thoughts:
Buying a digital piano is an investment specially when taking into consideration that you will be spending $500+ dollars on one. I was leaning towards getting a Yamaha p155 but I didn’t want but I didn’t want to fork out 1G on a product that is going on 5 years old. Specially being that the Yamaha will most likely put out a successor to the p155 within the next 2 years. This is what pushed me to the Casio. In all honestly I do not regret my choice at all. Casio has really put in a lot of work of rebuilding its name with its Privia line of keyboards and it really shows with the PX-350. The audio quality is really nice even with the built in speakers. The feel of the keys are the best I have used on a digital piano under $1500 (they don’t have that plasticy feeling that you get with others in the price range. Other manufactures should use the PX350 or even the 150 (the px-150 is basically the base model of the 350. It lacks the display 2 speakers, some of the voices, as well as other luxuries. But it does have the same keys and grand piano sound. ) as a base of what a digital piano should be. If there was something I really don’t like about this digital piano, it would be that it seems over-complicated to use a lot of the features. It could have been much simpler….

Build Quality: 4.5
Audio Quality 4.5
Features: 4.5
Price: 4.5
Average: 4.5

For more info or if you have questions or concerns feel free to ask away just leave a comment or message me.
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