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ASUS VH238H LED Monitor w/ Integrated Speakers Review

ASUS VH238H LED 1080p Monitor w/ Integrated Speakers
Manufacturer: ASUS
Price: $159.99 (

 Product Description:
 “Make What You See, Amazing

ASUS VH Series monitors are the ideal choice for performing nearly any PC task with amazing Full HD visual clarity. With fast response times ranging from 2ms to 5ms, enjoy smooth motion playback for games, videos, and movies. All VH Series monitors feature built-in speakers for convenient, clutter-free audio connections directly from the monitor. Using LED backlights, these monitors deliver energy-efficient operation and an overall brighter luminance. Most models feature cable management designs that let you seamlessly hide wires from sight for a clean, clutter-free setup. These models feature tilt adjustments so you can better customize your monitor angle to best suit you. They also come in a wide variety of sizes to fit your intended area of use. The VH series is ENERY STAR certified to save money on energy costs.” –Via

·         23-inch display
·         Contrast Ratio – 50,000,000:1
·         Full HD Display – 1080p
·         2ms response time – for smooth playback
·         LED Backlit – Saves energy and brighter display. (Colors will really pop =D)
·         Built in Speakers – for convenient high-quality audio
·         Advanced Connectivity – for convenient ways to connect your PCs, notebooks, and more
·         Splendid Video Intelligence Technology – Quick image presets for your preferred task at hand.
·         ASUS Rapid Replacement Service – for quick product replacement should a unit be sent for repair.
·         3 year warranty

What is it?
A fairy priced 1080p monitor that is loaded with some great features and sports a beautiful 23 inch display.

-          Beautiful 23 inch 1080p LED Display
-          HDMI connectivity (hello Game consoles nice of you to join us =D)
-          Relatively inexpensive
-          Menu Buttons on the front
-          Inputs and output point down rather than out the back
-          $20 Mail in Rebate if you order before March 31, 2013

-          Built in Speakers are Kind of Meh…
-          Not 3D capable (though there is a version that is….)
-          Not Naturally wall mountable  
-          Doesn’t shop with HDMI Cable
-          No USBs

My Thoughts:
Well, originally I was going to sell this before I even opened this to one of my friends. When he reneged on the deal I figured I might just return it. I’m totally glad I didn’t. It is hard to find things that I really don’t like about it. My main issue is that the speakers are mediocre but what built in ones aren’t? Right now I am not completely sure what I’m going to use it for but it has so many connectivity options that I can use it for just about anything (Might use it to hook up my secondary Xbox 360 to). I you are looking for a good 1080p LED monitor look no further this one has it all (except 3D and USBs) for a fair price. 

Build Quality: 4.5
Display: 5
Audio: 3.5
Features: 4 Average: 4.2



  1. Thank you for the review. I've actually been looking for a good monitor with integrated speakers to save room on my desk, and because one of my table top speakers is sort of crapping out lately.

    1. No prob. The integrated speakers aren't the best but the are definitely sufficient for most situations. If its only speakers you are looking for you might be interested in "Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite System (CA-3602a)" which i am reviewing now. I should have a review with in 24 hours. Stay Tuned

      - David

  2. PowerNap allows you to control monitor brightness level or to put it in sleep mode to conserve power, and Dynamic dimming software automatically dims onscreen brightness when displayed images are overly bright or white.


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