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Android App Review - Solo

Developer: Coding Cavemen 
Version: 1.51
Price: $3.99

Market description 
“Get Solo, Android's most popular virtual guitar for awesome mobile guitar fun!
With Solo you can play to your favorite songs, or create some of your own…”

- Large chord library
- Chord overlay via Guitar Chords
- 5 Different types of guitars
- Option to play frets
- Can Save chord / Song setups for easy access later
- Can Set Capo

- App is super cramped if you are playing on smaller phones
- App Sometimes crashes for no apparent reason (Might be a bug with the sensation)
- Overlay Zooming is either clunky or doesn’t work properly

My Thoughts:  
This is one of the first instruments apps I have used on android. It was also one of the first apps I have purchased. I have to say that to this day I’m still happy with it. What I would like to see in future updates is a real guitar tuner, Gyro Sensor strumming, and better interaction with Guitar tabs. Overall it is the best virtual guitar that I have played with on android and well worth the 4 dollars. If you find that kind of steep they do offer a free / light version as well.

UI: 4
Features: 4
Performance: 4
Price: 4
Google Play: 4.5

20.5 / 25