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Virtuous Inquisition Rom Review - HTC Sensation 4G

Virtuous Inquisition v4.0.2
Phones: HTC Sensation (XE), MyTouch 4G Slide, HTC Evo3D (GSM Version) 
Developer: rmk4
Base: Android 4.0.3 with HTC Sense (guessing 3.6 because it runs rather smoothly)

Overview (via main site)
Virtuous Inquisition is a an ICS (4.0.3) Senseless ROM, meaning essentially all Sense components have been removed in favor of their AOSP counterparts. Everything except the camera app has been replaced. Any work, such as mods or fixes, you would like to contribute would be gladly accepted. The project has one goal, to provide a ROM which is as close-to-AOSP-ICS as possible. 

- Smooth 
- Feels just like an AOSP / AOKP Rom
- NOVA Launcher 
- Keeps the Sense Camera 
- Includes a video editor (Movie Studio) 
- T-Mobile WiFi Hotspot app 

- WiFi has issue at least for me. 
- They got rid of the HTC Sense music app 
- They got rid of the HTC Sense Connected Media app 
- Battery life seems to drain a lot while the screen is off… So it seems to be having a battery life issues.
- Removed the Sense keyboard 

When the phone first boots ups your will notice that this is truly a senseless Rom. It feels how stock ice cream sandwich should, well for the most part it does. There are some differences the are only really noticeable if you have used stock ICS, like long pressing the home screen brings up the classic menu found in earlier versions of android (I believe this is an Nova launcher feature). The Nova launcher works perfectly IMO, everything is silky smooth there are a few instances where the graphic glitches up but it is easily fixed by swiping the screen.  

You get all of the standard features that come with ICS. I found some of them to be kind of glitch like WiFi which for some reason doesn’t seem to want to stay connected to my WiFi network, Bluetooth is still a hit or a miss for me. I like the new Innovative way of taking screenshots (all you have to do is hold the power button till the menu pops up and asks you what you want to do then select take screen shot. I also know that this is an ICS feature rather that a Virtuous one.) , thought I don’t care you the images saving in the .png format. You also can’t take screenshots when the notification bar is down or when there is a pop up menu on the screen. 

Battery Life:
Honestly I’ve been getting mixed results with battery life. The Rom seems to drain while idling chances are it is probably just a rouge app that I have installed. On an average I’ve been getting around 6 ½ to 8 ½ hours of battery life. 

Stability: Performance 
For the most part this Rom is really stable and works how you would expect it to. I did have an issue with WiFi where I get disconnected every few seconds which is strange because I have never had an issue like this before. I thought I might have been death grip so I set it down on the table next to where I had my wireless N router and it still disconnected. Strange… 

My Thoughts 
Overall I have really enjoyed this Rom. It gives you the AOSP experience minus the glitchiness of the stock ROMs (well that’s not completely true because I was getting funny business with WiFi). I kind of wish that they kept some sense features like Connected Media, Sense Music App, Sense Keyboard, and a few others. It kind of makes you feel like AOSP is overrated. I’m pretty sure they will make improvement in the next build…

UI - 4
Features - 3.5
Battery - 3.5
Stability - 3.5 
Performance - 4.5