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Online Shopping Sites you may not know about... - Part I

Looking for good places to buy Video Games, Gadgets, and other tech?
Here are a couple of sites that i use that are pretty good. 

“Good Games, Great Prices, Guaranteed Quality” - JJGames 

What is it? is a website where you can buy used games, systems, and accessories for a decent price.

- Large library of games and accessories 
- If the item you want is out of stock they have a notifications system to notify you 
- You get 10% off your fist order by just joining their newsletter 

- To sell video games, you are required to sell 10 games and a console w/ accessories 
- Prices aren’t always the cheapest on the net… (Shop around)
- Have to spend 50$ to get free shipping… 

My Thoughts / Experience
So far the only things I have order from JJGames was a Nintendo Gamecube controller and a memory card for the Gamecube. I have received both products within 4 days and they worked fine. There are a few items that I am keeping my eyes out for a few items that I want to add for my gaming collection (I want a  KHPSP3000, PSPGO, [Which I believe was 99.99 when I was on there] Zelda Edition Gold DS Light [which is there now…. Just kind of broke now lol]) 

“Great Gadgets, Price & Service” -DealEztreme

What is it? is an online store where you can buy all types of Gadgets, Accessories, games, etc for a low price. 

- Large verity of stuff 
- Really cheap prices 
- Reward points program 

- Shipping may take longer than you’d expect (Stuff is coming form over seas)
- Some items may feel cheap 

My Thoughts / Experience 
I order stuff all the time from Deal Extreme (I used to repair and customize Sony PSPs with my spare time so I needed to find a good place to get replacement parts.) and I have only had 1 not to good experience (I went to order my friend a R4, the order went through but it was back ordered for like 4 weeks. My ETA was more than a month which is unacceptable. I just canceled my order. I was refunded my money with no other problems.). 

(The Play-Asia site is currently down...)
What is it?
Play-Asia is an online importing store, where you can buy video games, accessories, etc.

- Large library of Asian exclusive games, systems, and accessories

- Expensive compared to other sites I’ve used
- Shipping may take a while (longer than I expected at least)

My Thoughts / Experience
To be honest I’m not really a big fan of Play-Asia. I’ve only ordered 2 items from them (PSP Chotto Shot, and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + for the PS2). Both items took like forever to ship, about a month for each. This might have been because they were hot items at the time of me purchasing them but it still felt long IMO. I probably will order from them again but only if I absolutely can’t find the items anywhere else.