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Late update

It's been a while since I updated on the happenings. A couple if stuff has happened in the past week including more site updates and the the news on the ipad.

First I will talk about the new ipad. The ipad is apples new product that is supposed to be a tablet like computer / book reader. Generally it looks like a giant ipod touch. It is running on apples own chipset and looks like a version of the iPhone OS... the unit comes in 3 different memory sizes, 16, 32, 64 GB. And on top of that it you choose if you want to add 3G yo it for a extra 130$ and that is not including the monthly data plan.

Pros - it will be something neat for those without a ipod touch or an iPhone. It will be the coolest book reader out there. It looks stylish. 3G is always a good thing. It battery life is amazing!

Cons - Ugh 3G is on At&t when will Apple learn that their coverage sucks they should have made an unlocked version.... it technically is just a big ipod touch with a 3G chip. It is a compasitive touch screen meaning it isn't stylus or nail friendly sorry ladies. There isn't a built in stand on the back so you are gonna have to hold it or rest it on your lap or probably buy on as a accessory. No built in usb port... come on Apple really no usb, there is one on my cable box but not on this what a let down. No camera... ( not that it needs one but it would be nice ) no multitasking wtf!!!

Other thoughts - overall I think it is a neat idea but the execution was horrible. Too many basic features and simple thing were left. This device to me seems like a beta version, and in like 6 months to a year they will release what we want. Sorry Apple but I will not be a early adaptor of this device..:..

Last week I uploaded some new pics to my deviantART account.... I also found out that you can join groups :-)  I am so slow lol