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Its been a while

A couple of updates

1. The jets lost.... Damn I was really routing for them... try are still my team but I lost 30$ though. Better luck next year boys :-)

2. Ive finally got Photoshop Cs4  and I am really satisfied with it so far. Me being a gimp user it is a transition but I think I can get used to it. I'm not a complete noob to Photoshop because I took a course in high school but its a lot different from when I used to use it. The first image I tried it out on is posted on my deviant art page.

3. Ive been running the home++ shell on my mytouch 3g and it is pretty cool...

Pros - nice shell with custom bar set up on the bottom. Has its own taskiller.

Cons - not as smooth as you would expect. It hangs some times. The task killer could be a con because in my experience slows down your phone.

I uploaded some more videos on my youtube channel. This time some soulcalibur 2 videos ( link weapond demo and a kilik wepond demo ) ill be back to the starfox tomorrow :-)

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