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Changes Coming To YouTube...

  Rumors have been circulating for a while now about YouTube may remove HD & 4K Video from standard users and put it behind the paywall of YouTube premium. While I’m not totally against that, it does feel like a dirty move to remove a feature that has been available for everyone so far and charge for it. 

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Announced Changes

As of right now, YouTube has only confirmed a price hike to its YouTube premium membership. 

  • In the United States $17.99 to $22.99

  • In Canada CA$17.99 to CA$22.99

  • In the UK £17.99 to £19.99

People who were grandfathered in via YouTube Red won’t se a price hike until April of 2023. 


To be completely honest I wouldn’t be too against YouTube putting 4K content behind a paywall but that would be my cutoff. 1080P is pretty much the standard nowadays when it comes to Monitors and TVs (UHD is on the rise especially in the TV space). 720 is okay as well but the bigger your monitor the more artifacting you will see. 

If you haven’t noticed, YouTube has been running a test on its platform for the last month or so where lower resolutions were being set to defaults. Their objective was to find out how many people noticed and actually changed it back to HD resolutions. Honestly speaking i though my internet was just running wonky and YouTube just defaulted to a lower resolution for a better viewing experience. Sometimes I’d change it back to a HD resolution but it really depended on the content i was viewing. If i was watching a Peter McKinnon video i would adjust it. If it was some talking head video or a tech video that I was mostly listening to rather than watching I just left it wherever it defaulted to. 

As of now you can still watch 4K content with standard YouTube but if they decide to put 1440p and up behind the premium paywall i wont be mad. I feel like this is all part of Google’s bigger plan anyways… The upcoming version of Chrome (in January I believe…) will not support ad-block within the YouTube platform. In other words if you want to watch ad-free YouTube you will need to go premium or use a different browser. 


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