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App Spotlight - Google Gallery Go

Looking for a gallery app that is ad free, and not cluttered with nonsense. Look no further than Gallery Go by Google.

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  • Free 

  • No Bloat 

  • Quick access to folders 

  • Ability to share images without having to send stupid Google Drive / Photos links. 


  • Not as feature rich as the Google Photos App 

  • Another app for you to install

  • Cant be opened by default by the camera app (only tested on pixel phones) 

What is it?

Gallery Go is a lightweight Android gallery app. Like the other “Go” line of apps, Gallery Go serves the purpose of a straight to the point and accessible gallery. Compared to the Google photos app which has become bloated and convoluted, this app is refreshing. It is a crime that this app doesn’t come as the standard Gallery on Pixel Devices. 

Why should you care?

If you ever ran into a situation where you just wanted to show someone a pic that you just took or grab a RAW photo from your gallery to share. Good luck trying to do that in the photos app. If you just tried it with the photos app, chances are you just sent someone a Google Drive / Photos link which is just annoying.  Go Gallery does this without any issues. It also makes going through and deleting images and videos stored to your device very easy, and up-sell free. 


Google’s Gallery Go is a great photo gallery app. I wouldn’t say it is a replacement app for the Google Photos app because it is lacking a lot of the features that’s pushing innovation with android devices (for example Magic Eraser). This is more of a companion app for photos. Think Adobe Photoshop , and Adobe Lightroom, Technically you can do everything you can do in Adobe Lightroom in photoshop but Lightroom is there to make the more basic functions in editing photos easier and more accessible, Google Gallery Go does this for Google Photos. 


If you are using an Android phone there is really no reason why you shouldn’t have it if you aren’t a fan of how bloated the Google Photos app has become. 

Download Here!!!