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Cloudy | Review

Great Weather App for #iOS and #iPadOS

Cloudy App Review
Developer: Ciprian Redinciuc
Platform: iOS / iPadOS
Price: Free w/ Premium Options {Plus = $4.99 a year, Premium = $5.99 a year}
Download Link

What is it?
Cloudy is a weather app for iOS and, iPadOS. 

What’s Dope?
-       Free Version of the app without obtrusive ads
-       Clean and to the point
-       Support for the Apple Watch (Requires the premium version) 

The Nope…
-       No Auto Rotate for iPadOS? 
-       Notification Requires Premium version of the app

Overall there isn’t much to complain about when it comes to the design of the app. The colors pop while staying subtle. I’m not sure why the app doesn’t auto rotate on the iPad though.

While I wouldn’t consider this app feature rich, it has everything you will need in a basic weather application. The Plus version of the app gives you access to a few nice additives like Apple Watch support. 

As a free weather app, you cant really ask for more here. It will give you all of the information you need without annoying ads everywhere. At $6 a year it isn’t really a bad deal either for the highest priced version. 

This app is dope. Apple doesn’t ship the iPads with a apple weather app, what it shipped with is a weather widget. The weather widget isn’t bad but it basically just a quick link to the Cloudy is a good option if you want a free option with out annoying ads.