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Made By Google | Than and Now

We are now on the eve of the Made By Google / Pixel 3 unveiling in New York. Let take a look back at what Google announced last year, and what The may announce tomorrow. 
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Google events have been picking up some steam over the past few years, and while they don't have the following of WWDC (Apple Event) they do have their dedicated crowd. Last year google showcased an almost perfect phone in the Google Pixel 2 XL. along with a few other devices that Kinda faded.

  • Google Pixel 2 (XL) - Easily the most important device google announced last year. It all the bells and, whistles that you could possible want in a phone , unless a Headphone Jack, Wireless charging, Stylus. Dual Cameras, a notch, expandable storage and, a reasonable price are your thing. While all it may sound unappealing now the Pixel 2 XL is still one of the best phone you can purchase today period. 

  • Google Home Mini and Google Home Max - Next to the Google Pixel 2 (XL) the google home Mini is probably the most successful product out of last years Made By Google event. Smart Devices are all the rave these days in the tech world and without a medium like a Google home or Amazon Echo your smart  home will be pretty dumb. Google Home is a great device but the Home Mini is where google will convert people over due to its affordable price and small fit anywhere design. The Google home max, was a mistake IMO. I am not sure who their target audience was with that price tag. Audiophiles will avoid it because chances are they can get a better audio experience elsewhere for $400. 

  • Pixel Book - It baffles me why google thinks it's a good idea to try to sell people a $1600 chromebook. If it ran a skinned Windows than i completely understand it but Chome as an OS isn’t practical enough to cost as much as a MacBook Pro or a High-End Windows Laptop. Google  needs to stop shooting themselves in the leg. 

  • Pixel Buds - This was probably the one product that google announced and last years Made By Google event that flew under radar. Even I totally forgot about them. You can thank google for that i guess, but I’m hoping they revise this product for tomorrow’s event 

  • Google Clip - This is basically a smart action cam, but while it is cool action camera are already a dying fad. 

What to Expect Tomorrow

  • Revised Google Pixel Book - I wish google would just drop the pixel book and make a  hybrid windows laptop. Don’t me wrong there are many uses for the Chrome(Book) platform but I just don’t see it for the High-End market. They may be wasting too much R&D here. 

  • Google Pixel 3 (XL) and  (Possible MAX) - We have been getting more Pixel 3 leaks than faucet. It is definitely coming tomorrow but i am hoping google has something else to go with it. They should start making a phone for the masses or maybe an Android ONE model (That would be awesome, plus have Nexus like reasonable price).

  • New Google Home Device /w Display - Google home is a winner for google, and you should expect  they will announce something tomorrow to battle Amazon’s Echo family of devices. e

  • New Android Wear Watch - I’m not sure if it will be the PIXEL Watch but it will be something new and backed by google. They have recently updated android wear now called Wear OS, but had no standard device for it. We should expect something. 

I’m itching for a new Pixel phone being that i’m in dire need for an upgrade. Tomorrow will be the day that i choose to stay Pixel or go Note 9. Don’t let me down Google make the Pixel awesome and reasonable when it comes to price, otherwise I’m looking towards Samsung.   

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