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Android Revolution HD 6.6.3 - HTC Sensation Rom Review

HTC Sensation Rom Review 
Phones: HTC Sensation, 4G, and XE
Rom: Android Revolution HD 6.6.2 (6.6.3) XE
Developer: Mike1986
Base: Android 4.0.3
Sense: 3.6

What’s Hot…
- Stable
- Option for Beats Audio (Flash XE Version if you want Beats Audio) 
- Has the Footprints app that HTC did away with on U.S. devices.
- You can remove home screens!!!
- Benchmark scores are pretty good 

What’s Not…
- Inability to change the weather provider from Accuweather to Google… 
- No WiFi toggle in the notification bar
- GPS isn’t as accurate as it was on stock 
- Mixed results with battery life
- Ability to pull down the notification bar at the lock screen
- Get weird typing errors when using the journal app… (Only seems to happen when I use Thumbs Keyboard though) 
- Phone gets hotter then normal 
- Really think the HTC_IME should be themed 
- Kind of Laggy
- Stock HTC Facebook for Sense app removed? (Was this removed in stock 3.6?)
- HID Bluetooth Support is a no go… (Someone please fix this) 

At a glance you may find it difficult to tell the difference between a 3.0, 3.5, and a 3.6 ROM. To say that they are all basically the same you would be wrong. Looking at the lock screen nothing much has changed here unless you activate the face to unlock features (This features uses the front facing camera on your device to use face recognition technology to unlock your phone. If it is a dark environment you can still unlock your phone by more conventional methods.). When you get to the home screen you will noticed the normal sense dock is gone and it was replaced with one that looks more closely to stock android (or if you ask me sort of like the Espresso versions of sense). You can interchange all of the buttons except for the application menu button… The App draw is what you’d expect from a sense Rom.

This Rom has a few advancement in the features department compared to stock sense 3.6, Which includes an improved camera, CPU clocked at 1.5 (was originally a XE clock speed), Beats Audio EQ setting  (Also currently an XE thing). The camera improvement is slight but it is there. The clock speed being over clocked a bit doesn’t make that big of a difference at least I didn’t notice it (maybe because the sensation stock clock speed is 1.2.). I was never a big fan of Beats, mainly because they started a terrible fad of overcharging people for mediocre headphones. But back on topic, the EQ setting works pretty good. It a shame it doesn’t work in all apps.

Panoramic Test 

Battery Life: 
I’ve had mixed results with battery life but genuinely I get around 8 hours out of it, which isn’t a bad thing. 

Stability / Performance:
I’ve been using this Rom for the last 2 week and so far only had 1 random reboot where I lost all my data, lucky it was right after I have installed it so it wasn’t much data. I have been experiencing some lag lately which is kind of annoying. Overall I find this Rom to be stable. I have had a few issues with the GPS not being able to find my location properly (Didn’t have this issue on my stock Rom). What seems to fix this was opening Endomondo first then going into a maps or navigation app afterwards (which is kind of weird because you would think they would be working off the same GPS signal.).

My Thoughts: 
Overall this is a great Rom for the HTC Sensation. It has all the features you’d expect from a 3.6 Rom with ICS and then some. There are a few places where I can see this Rom improving so I will keep my eye on it. As it is, Android Revolution HD makes a great daily driver if you are looking for ice cream w/ Sense 3.6. 

Thing I’d like to see improved…
- Overhaul of the HTC Bluetooth Stacks (add HID Support)
- Fix some of the Lag issues
- Allow users to change the weather provider 
- Add WiFi toggle in the notification bar 
- A little theming would be nice 
- take away the ability to pull down the notification bar at the lock screen. 

UI - 3.5
Features - 4
Battery - 4
Stability - 4 
Performance - 3.5